Epson Projector Project


Epson’s Interactive Projector is a high-performance interactive machine. The projector design makes displaying robust images easier than traditional mobile projectors on wheels. All Epson Brightlink 575WI are wall mounted creating more space for classroom instruction. Teachers have the ability to turn any image into an interactive experience. 

Currently the district has installed over 60 projectors and counting throughout grades K-8. Teachers have used this tool in conjuction with document cameras, and Google Application for Education to build technology equity within the classroom framework. As more projectors are installed, Dracut Public Schools continues to move in the right direction in building a 21st Century Learning environment.


Classroom Instruction

Throughout the district of Dracut teachers are utilizing the flexibility of interactive projectors. Designing and implementation of lessons has increased student engagement and teacher creativty. Resources like Easy Interactive Software allows intuitive functionality in saving and editing work. Unlike traditional paper flipcharts, teachers now have the assests to create reuseable interactive documents.


Espon Projector Project - District wide initiative to deploy and integrate interactive projectors into Dracut Public School classrooms K-8.