Greenmont Avenue School


Welcome to the

Greenmont Avenue

Elementary School!

"Home of the Gators!"


New School Hours:  8:30 am - 2:40 pm

Student arrival begins at 8:15 am

Student dismissal begins at 2:40 pm

Walkers, YMCA and Van transport students will be dismissed first (2:40),
followed by Parent Pick Up students(2:45),
followed by bus students (2:50). 


Late Bus Routes 2014-2015


Updated Greenmont Late Bus Route



Through an open bid process, the Dracut Public Schools has selected the Greater Lowell YMCA as the provider of before and after school childcare at our four elementary schools ( Brookside, Campbell, Englesby, and Greenmont). The YMCA will operate Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) licensed programs (EEC is the state agency responsible for licensing and monitoring all daycare facilities). 

For information including an enrollment application and financial assistance guidance please visit:

YMCA Overview Letter to Parents
Revised 9.25.14

Any questions related to the programs operations should be directed to the contact information posted on their website.







Our Halloween Dance will be on Friday, October 24th
from 6:00 - 8:00.  
It is sponsored by our PTO.
Please see the PTO page for a flyer/sign up sheet.


What's going on at Greenmont?

Students attended our first "Gator Gathering" where we talked about our new Community of Caring program.  Student will be working over the next couple of weeks to come up with "kid friendly" definitions for our five core values - caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family.



The Greenmont Avenue School is a

Community of Caring

Caring, Respect, Responsibility,

Trust, Family





Greenmont Avenue Elementary School Report Card

December 13, 2013

Dear Parent or Guardian:

We are pleased to enclose an overview of our school’s “report card”. Report cards answer important questions about a school's overall performance and contain specific information about student enrollment and teacher qualifications, student achievement, accountability, how a school is performing relative to other schools in the district and the state, and the progress made toward narrowing proficiency gaps for different groups of students.

In this report you will find the following important information about our school:
Student enrollment and teacher quality: This section of the report card provides information about the students and teachers in our school as compared to the district and the state. If your child attends a school that receives federal Title I funds, you also have the right to request the following information about the qualifications of your child’s teachers:

  • Whether your child’s teacher is licensed in the grade levels and subject areas they teach
  • Whether your child’s teacher is teaching under an emergency license or waiver
  • The college degree and major of your child’s teacher
  • Whether your child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications

Student assessment on MCAS and other tests: This section of the report shows how our students are performing on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests as compared to the district and the state.
School and district accountability information: This section of the report contains three important pieces of information:

  • Accountability and Assistance Levels: Schools and districts are placed into one of five accountability and assistance levels (1-5), with the highest performing in Level 1 and lowest performing in Level 5. Our school has been placed into Level 2 because we have not meet the target achievement goals set by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • School Percentiles: A school percentile between 1 and 99 is reported for most schools. This number shows the overall performance of our school relative to other schools that serve the same or similar grades. Our school percentile is 49. This means that our school is performing higher than 49 percent of the elementary schools in the state.
  • Progress and Performance Index (PPI): The PPI is a number that indicates our school’s progress toward narrowing proficiency gaps, or, in other words, helping all students reach proficiency and be prepared for success after high school. Massachusetts has set a goal of reducing proficiency gaps by half between the years 2011 and 2017. For a group of students to be considered to be making sufficient progress toward narrowing proficiency gaps, its cumulative PPI must be 75 or higher.

To improve student achievement in our school, we are working to further align our curriculum with the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards, develop tools to identify students who need further support and strengthen our instructional practices to provide a rigorous and engaging learning experience for students.  Our school improvement plan outlines goals that target math instruction and assessment, reading instruction and implementation of a Response to Intervention model.

We encourage you to become involved in helping us improve our school. Some of the ways you can become involved are:

  • Encouraging your child’s learning at home
  • Attending parent-teacher meetings and other special meetings
  • Serving as a volunteer in our school or district
  • Encouraging other parents to become involved

For more information about our school’s report card or to request information about the qualifications of your child’s classroom teachers, please feel free to contact the building principal, Nicholas Botelho at or by calling the school at 978-453-1797


Nicholas A. Botelho


Annual School Report Card