As you know, in an effort to raise revenue for the school system, a transportation fee was established for students in grades K-6 for the upcoming school year.  Effective immediately, a change has been made to the fee structure.  Students in grades K-6 living more than two miles from their school will not be required to pay a fee to ride a school bus.  There are a few important pieces of information related to this change:
  • Two street lists have been created to assist you in determining whether a family must pay the bus fee in order for a child to ride  school bus.  Those lists, one for K-5 students, and one for 6th grade students, have been posted on the Business Department's webpage:  Please reference the lists to determine whether a student living on a particular street must pay the fee, would have the fee waived, or because a specific address on a street may or may not be subject to the fee.
  • The Business Office is utilizing a mapping program utilized by our bus provider to determine whether a particular home is subject to the fee.  
  • Even if you live beyond the two mile boundary, you must register your children in order to receive a bus pass for the upcoming year.  As has occurred for a number of years at the secondary level, only students possessing a bus pass will be allowed to ride on a school bus.  Directions for registering your children through the online platform utilized by the district can be found on our website.
  • If you  have already paid a fee and you live (according to the lists found on our website) more than two miles from your child's school, a refund will be processed by the Business Office.
If you have any questions please contact the Business Office at 957-9704.


Community of Caring

The Dracut Public Schools is a proud member of the
Community of Caring character education family;
made up of schools and districts from across the
United States and Canada.  In Dracut, all of our schools have adopted this United States Department of Education endorsed program. 

The five core values: Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust, and Family are embedded within lessons and the life of each school.  In Dracut we are building character as well as building minds.


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